My resume as a short story

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I Started School

When I started school, the place I called home was at the tippy-top of a dusty gravel road in a small foothill town in Northern California.

After a long first day of school, I got off the bus at the bottom of that road, walked up what felt like a 5-mile long vertical driveway, and arrived on the doorstep of my house tired and hungry… only to find my parents were not at home!

I had no idea what was going on, so I sat on the stoop crying, thinking I’d been abandoned. Unbeknownst to my five or six-year-old self, the bus driver was supposed to drop me off at daycare, not at my house. My parents did not work close by, I had no key, and no one came home to get me for hours. It was a terrifying experience!

Despite my traumatic start, I enjoyed school very much and went on to excel in English and social studies, but struggled in math.

My sophomore year of high school I decided I was ready to be an adult and go to college. I increased my class load, worked part-time, and successfully graduated mid-year in1996 instead of with the rest of my class in 1997.

I went to College

I was the first person in my family to go to college and began classes at a local community college before transferring to the local university, California State University – Sacramento.

I finished college in 2003, and graduated magna cum laude with a Masters Degree in Anthropology. As I was finishing grad school, I moved to the Washington DC area to be with the man I loved.

Moving from the sunny west coast to the east coast was a huge transition I wasn’t prepared for. For months I felt isolated, depressed, and unsure what to do about my future. It was a difficult time, but I’m an overachiever, so while I was puzzling my new surroundings, I went to work on becoming an expert home cook (a mini-Martha Stewart). Eventually, I decided to start my own business.

I Started My First Business

In 2006, I started my first business and have been CEO of Om Unlimited, LLC since 2007.

Since my cooking skills had won me some acclaim, I gave serious consideration to starting a catering business, but ultimately decided against it.  Instead, I decided to fall back on something I loved that had kept me sane during the stressful years of grad school and 2 years of being unemployed: Yoga.

Yes, I became a yoga teacher and my first business was a mobile yoga studio.

It’s funny because when I tell people that, they now they look at me in astonishment because…? While I’m not sure why they’re so astonished, but they look at me like that’s the craziest thing they’ve ever heard!

My mobile yoga studio served mostly retired or disabled people in my community who didn’t fit in at a regular yoga class but wanted to keep active. I loved helping this underserved population of people, but eventually, I grew bored teaching the same thing over and over again.  After 7 years, I rolled up my mat, closed my yoga business, and started trying to create my next venture.

Now in my 30’s, I wanted to do something big and went to work on figuring out how I could marry the empathy and compassion I’d learned by being a yoga teacher with the skills I’d learned while studying anthropology and archeology in college.  Marrying the knowledge I’d gained through my years of being an entrepreneur and my love of wearing dresses and red lipstick, wasn’t easy!

I Started My Second Business

My second business took off when I created The Purse Process®.

This idea became my claim to fame.  It landed me paid speaking opportunities, invitations to appear on the same podcasts as big names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Sally Hogshead, and Seth Godin, an invitation to appear on television, and later an invitation to give a TEDx talk.

What is The Purse Process®? I started digging through women’s handbags as if they were an archeological excavation site. As I was doing that, I noticed there were patterns that showed up in the stuff that women carry with them and that those patterns were correlated with their beliefs, behaviors, and perceptions about the world.

The next phase was to research and develop archetypes or “purse-sonas” based on those patterns, which I decided to give fun names, like Dumpster Debbie, Vanishing Veronica, and Perfect Priscilla.  While researching and developing, I was also applying to trademark my process. I received my trademark from the USPTO in 2014.

While I was waiting for the trademark application to be approved, my Purse Process® became a HUGE HIT in the entrepreneurial world, and I began to be asked to provide lifestyle business coaching and consulting. Women wanted me to help them remove the barriers to feeling confident in expressing themselves and to help them develop their own unique business ideas.

I loved being a coach and inspiring people to finally see how wonderful, smart, and capable they already were.  I also felt proud of myself for having successfully reinvented myself in less than a year’s time. This had required me to overcome numerous fears and to say YES to every opportunity that came my way, even though it was all new to me. When it came to giving interviews, speaking, or appearing on TV, I was learning it all as I went and felt very proud. But then…

My Marriage Crumbled

As my career was taking off my marriage failed. It failed so spectacularly that I ended up coming home to divorce papers taped to my front door 48 hours before I was to give my TEDx talk.

At first I didn’t know if I could go on and deliver my talk as planned. I knew I could not pretend everything was okay and also endure the stress of speaking on stage. I could feel in my gut that my next move was going to be a defining moment in my life.

This was the moment I would sink or swim.

I screwed up my courage and told everyone in my social media community what was going on. I asked for support in helping me find the courage and energy to get up on that stage, and my people delivered! I don’t think I’ve ever had a more proud moment! Life sucker punched me, but by opening up and asking for what I needed, I was able to get right back on my own feet. It wasn’t easy, but I was determined to succeed and their love and support carried me through.

Then I had to go deal with the aftermath.

Divorce is heart-wrenching and I don’t recommend it if it can be avoided, but would you believe something really beautiful came out that awful experience? Well, it did!

I Wrote a Book

While I was navigating the emotional waters of divorce I started writing little daily encouragements to myself which I called, “Notes to Self.” I didn’t set out to write a book, but as I was nearing 365 of them, I thought, “Hey, maybe these could be a book?”

I decided to go for it and titled my book, “Dear Self, I Love You! Keep Going! 365 Inspiring Notes from My Year of Heartbreak and Healing.”

I posted many of my Note to Self entries on my Facebook page as I wrote them. My friends, family, and fans loved them.  They were extremely excited when I announced I’d be publishing a book! You can find the book here.

I’m excited to complete my next book soon, which will be a series of Notes I wrote to my future husband about the life I hope we will share together.  I affectionately call them “Dear MomD” (Man of My Dreams).

I host a LIVE show

Currently, I host a daily Facebook LIVE show called “The Danielle Daily.”

It’s a place where people can come to get a live dose of positivity, inspiration, and smiles each weekday.  I have an absolute blast chatting with viewers, offering encouragement, and providing advice.  In addition, I also give out a signature Note to Self that I hope encourages viewers and helps them think about themselves in new ways.

So that’s my life and work experience…

In a nutshell, I am a single female entrepreneur with a heart of gold and a spine of steel. I like to stretch myself beyond my current capabilities and will learn whatever I have to learn to succeed. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but I have a great deal of experience with improvising.

  • I have a Master’s Degree
  • I’ve been a CEO for 10 years
  • I have a TEDx talk under my belt
  • I’ve appeared on TV
  • I coach
  • I blog
  • I wrote a book
  • I currently host a daily Facebook LIVE show called The Danielle Daily
  • I learn fast, am resilient and easy to work with

Are you looking for someone like me to co-host your show, coach you towards rebooting your inner voice or speak at your next event? Contact me here.